We plan to have two major Research Trip in 2018

Two major Research Trips are planned this year.

One for the Southern Hokkaido, and another for the Northern Hokkaido.

Central Hokkaido and Eastern Hokkaido can be done through our daily routine.

Research trip to Southern Hokkaido is scheduled from April 28 to May 9th. This will be the one of the major research for Hokkaido since Southern Hokkaido has rich history not only the Meiji era but also Heian era from 700s AD. The weather is warmer compared to Eastern or Northern Hokkaido, therefore, it was easier for 1st settlers to live.

Matsumae is one of the main town which had a castle which controlled most of the trade and governmental control was obvious in history.

Hakodate is the biggest city in Southern Hokkaido. Its presence is very important since it is a port where most of the people entered Hokkaido.

Northern Hokkaido has less history, but it was challenged to protect Hokkaido from Russian invasion.

Research trip to Northern Hokkaido is scheduled from Aug. 4th to 13th.

The output from these trips will be the 1 page summary and fact sheet including points to pray for will be produced for people who want to pray for and actually go into these unreached towns and villages.

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