The purchase of the house for Research Center was done.

The purchase was finished. Now we need to renovate the house for the use of Research Center.

We are planning to visit the site after we receive the keys to the house. I had a phone call from the previous owner, and he will send the keys soon. After the keys are in our hand, we plan to go there in March to check every thing there and plan for the renovation.

We need to come up with ideas of how the house is to be used by whom, etc. The purpose of the Research Center is to research about the history of Hokkaido and find the things to pray for by God’s revelation. These prayer points will be published for many others to join in our prayers. It will be strategic prayers and intercession for the unreached cities/towns/villages in Hokkaido.

For doing this, we need to volunteers who would have interests in history of Hokkaido and do the research on the subject on site in Esashi. Therefore, we covet your prayers for God to send the workers for this task.

We appreciate your partnership with our ministry.

Thank you.

Abraham Lee
Gospel House

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