Southern Hokkaido, Research Trip Sept.22 to Oct. 4th, 2021

Still needs repair works this time also

Yes, we went on the way to Southern Hokkaido again.

It was our 4th time this year after the purchase of the Hokkaido Research Center in Esashi town. There were many things to be done in the building and we are making progress as we visited the center each time. This past 13 day visit brought further progress in setting up boiler, fixing water pipe lines, etc.

The boiler was set up except there was a leak somewhere on the 2nd floor. Now at least, hot water is available to use. That is a progress.

I had to open inspection opening to see how it was set up for the hot water line. Still needs actual inspection.

1F a door near the yard needed to be repaired. It was initiated but no time to finish.

Ayumi felt strong about the Household Shinto Altar, so we took it down.

The time passed very quickly. In between the work we put, there was a time of enjoying the ocean view both from the house and from the driving to get supplies for the house work.

Fountain water was also great thing to have. Its within about 15 minutes drive to the fountains near the mountain, but on the way and back, we enjoyed the breeze of wind from the ocean and the spectacular beach views.

Pioneering work is a preparation for Jesus to appear to a place where no one was exposed to the Gospel, the good news.

We go through lots of hurdles, but eventually He Himself will manifest Himself to the people of the land of Esashi and the Southern Hokkaido.

We take pleasure in the fact that whatever we do here will eventually bear fruits both spiritually and physically as a source of blessings to the people on the land.

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