Sleeping in the car

We used to have a camper with table, seats, and bunk beds with kitchen and toilet. It was sold last year. At the time, we didn’t think we will go trips like before. However, when God opens a door for Southern Hokkaido, it takes a whole day to get there. And we came to think to stay overnight on the way. So instead of 1 full day to go there, we decided to stay overnight on the way and make the trip slower with the station wagon we have.

Recently I was busy setting up the station wagon to host us for a sleep in the car. FF heater is on the way, covers for the windows are in order, sleeping bags and cushions are being prepared, etc.

On the way to Esashi town, there are many places we used to go, but this time, we will take a completely new route and visit different parts of Hokkaido on the way. We plan to stay in Abira town at the newly established Roadside Station with 24 hours restrooms and shops with information about the town. Abira town has lots of Ainu Native population, and we may be able to meet some of the Ainu descents.

Anyways, please pray with us on this new way of travel and our research trip to Esashi town.


Abraham Lee

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