Research Trip to Southern Hokkaido

We went to Southern Hokkaido from Aug. 6th to 11th to research about the history of Hokkaido.

This trip focuses the war between Japanese and Ainu. Shakushain is a Ainu general who fought against Japanese. What was the cause and the end result was the main focus. This gives us what to pray for Ainu and what it needs to redeem the people in Hokkaido.

Shakushain War

The cause of the war was Japanese governor who was in financial crisis forced Ainu to trade in unfair exchange rate. He raised the price up to 6 to 7 times where Ainu was not able to survive in that rate. Rice could not obtained for Ainu.

Shakushain’s son was killed in negotiating to get a fair trade. This caused Ainu to be united to stand against Japanese.

The end result was unnecessary blood shed without sin. Maybe this kind of story is everywhere in human history. However, this caused Hokkaido a barren land that can not bear new life in Christ.

There was Christian influence to Ainu. There was a missionary called John Batchelor. He was a missionary from England.


Redemptive work by claiming Jesus’ blood over the innocent blood and reconciliation between Japanese and Ainu need to be done in a Godly manner.

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