Raising kids

My son is 15 years old now. While he was growing in his younger age, he was straight forward. However, as he grew older, he began to hide things. Well, it just shows he is growing and becoming tactful too.

We have very conservative ideas in raising kids. My wife has narrower view of raising kids than I have. My son, Samuel, is caught between the two. Out of that grew dual standards in the way he sees and act. One gap from this is to have a habit of hiding his real feelings. Sometimes, I notice his behavior as though he has two persons in him. When he is around his friends, he become a different person. When he is only with us, he also behave differently.

It needs to be explained in details, but I do not have enough time now.

I am just praying that the Lord would bring a true repenting heart that everything that clouds his heart would be completely cleared, and there is nothing that needs to be hidden. Let the Lord’s light shine upon him and myself.

Abraham Lee@Gospel House

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