Meeting the felt needs of the small town as a ministry

Urahoro town from the mountain top
Urahoro town from the mountain top

After we moved to Urahoro town with less than 6000 people, I began to realize how important it would be to meet the felt need of the town. Number one need for this town seemed to me was that they needed to have profitable businesses so that they could provide the basic needs of the society. Many people left the town since we moved to this town. When we arrived here, the population was 6200. Now it is 5900. What had happened between now and then within 3 years period? Many older people died; some bankrupped; some businesses closed down; some committed suicide. Each year about 100 people left the town. One of the reason why my house was on sale was because the branch office of a company in Urahoro where the previous owner worked for closed. Many still struggle for their business management. Somehow the IT could be a way to get away from this bad cycle.

Urahoro Shopping Area
Urahoro Shopping Area

The town’s shopping area has pretty much of what you need. Recent addition of home center perfected what a small town could offer for shopping.

The picture on the left shows what it is like on this major shopping street. Drug store, electric shop, cake shop, etc are shown at this picture.

There are about 200 businesses registered to Urahoro Chamber of Commerce. As I shared about one of the construction company CEO committed suicide last year, the management of the businesses were not running well. One of the major reason was the highly priced yen now.

Urahoro Camp Site
Urahoro Camp Site

They need to come up wiht better plan or better management. There are great need to improve the management and creation of new businesses. There may be some governmental fund available for new businesses and current businesses. However, much is not used from this town I suppose.

How can I help this town? This is one of the major question I ask to myself many times. I ask God to bless this town since the prosperity of this town means the prosperity of myself according to the scripture.

“Work for the good of the cities where I have made you go as prisoners. Pray to me on their behalf, because if they are prosperous, you will be prosperous too.” Jer. 29:7 (TEV)

Abraham Lee@Gospel House

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