Many guests came to visit us in 2018

This year has been a busy year to host many visitors from many different places.

In April we had outreach team from Crossroad Discipleship Training School outreach team from YWAM, Kona, Hawaii. Most of them are from South Korea, but Americans and a Norwegian were a part of the team. Two weeks passed so fast with much of time spent in worship, intercession, and reaching out people in our area. I shared about Hokkaido’s history and practical suggestions on ministries in Japan.  We also had workshops to reach out people in Hokkaido.

In July, we had an outreach team from Christ for the Nations, JAPAN located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. This outreach team of 7 are the graduating students and current students combined along with a staff who would guide the team. They came to minister at different churches including our fellowship. They asked me about business as mission ministry and I had a full presentation regarding our lives as a family in following God’s direction for the unreached areas of Hokkaido through ministry through business.

A family from Alaska came to visit us. The wife was a missionary in Hokkaido and she met her husband who lived right next to her church. Now they have three kids. 


In August, we had 10 people from our sister church, Grace House. The pastor Yoji is a good friend of us for a long time since we came to Japan. Somehow God orchestrates us to meet on a regular base in many different settings. This was the only time when pastor Yoji’s whole family came together. What a blessing to have them here.

At the early October, we had visitors from Fujisawa. One of the partner church called Amazing Grace Bible Church. Three pastors and a young guy from the States who is called to Japan. Wonderful time of fellowship and encouraging words. 

YWAM Jeju is coming in October.

So it has been a very interesting and meaningful year of many visitors. Great to have you all. You are all welcome!!


Abraham Lee
Gospel House

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