Hokkaido’s Spiritual Root

When I first arrived in Hokkaido, it was for my wedding preparation and greeting to my wife’s family. But when I came back to Japan later in 1995, it was to pray for the mega-city, Sapporo. During this 1 full month of prayer journey, I began to understand what was causing what was obvious in the spiritual realm from my study of the history of Hokkaido.

Ainu Couple
Ainu Couple

One of the first thing that was very obvious was the relationship with the native Ainu people. They were mistreated by Japanese and forced to abandon Ainu language and culture replaced by Japanese and Japanese culture. This deeply wounded Ainu people. Now most of Ainu are not 100% Ainu anymore since they are mostly inter-mixed with Japanese and carry Japanese names. When you meet them on the street, you may not recognize them as Ainu unless they have Ainu’s facial structure on their faces. Just like Hawaiians in Hawaii, they are not pure any more.

This dark history of early settlement in Hokkaido from main island of Honshu caused deep root of spiritual darkness. Many of them were cheated by Japanese in their trade since the Ainu did not keep accounting often. Many promises were broken and finally the war between them was final blow against them for the total surrender.

Now they are protected by Japanese government. Utari-kai is Ainu’s local chapters. They still try to keep their language and culture through this almost extinct people on the earth. They only count 20,000 and the pure blooded only a couple of hundred.

In order to release the blessings of God for this nation, there should be a move of reconciliation between Japanese and Ainu and other nations like Korea and China. If this can happen, the spiritual atmosphere in Japan will be lightened and people would see the truth of the Gospel much better and at ease.

The Bible shows very clearly that God does not hold the punishment for those who shed the innocent blood. I pray that Japanese would realize the reality of God’s blessings being stopped because of the shed innocent blood through their expansion processes. Many war captives were brought to Hokkaido as forced labors. Many of them died from overwork or malnutrition as they worked for the paving the streets or building the bridges. Some of them were buried alive as they pour cements over them for the bridge pillars. It is no wonder that Hokkaido has number one car accident rate in all Japan for many years.

Only God provides forgiveness of sins by the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross and shed his blood for the sinners like you and I. This includes Japanese. It is my prayer that God would reveal Himself to Japanese and the true joy of salvation would come upon them, and they would realized the redemptive plan for Japanese and take on their call for His Glory one day.

Abraham Lee@GH

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