Esashi Town is being pioneered 2022 update

Since 2021, we began our visits to Esashi town near Hakodate. Each time we visit, the Hokkaido Research Center is being established. The house is being repaired and upgraded as we see fit in each visit.

Since we first visited this house, we have fixed 1) Boiler for hot water 2) Many hot and cold line leaked areas 3) Replacing many faucets 4) Garage Electric Door 5) 4 heaters for the winter season

Kitchen/Bath were two main areas to fix since the water line was broken. But now everything seems to work fine.

Each time we were in Esashi town, we visited libraries many times and many museums. Each time we visited, we found some new things about this town and the neighboring towns like Assabu town, Otobe town, Kaminokuni Town. These towns are only 10 minutes away, but they have very distinctive differences since the History of each town differs. Even the weather is very different in those 10 minutes drive.

We are now very grateful that now we can function at the Hokkaido Research Center to research the history and ask God to reveal Himself in the History.

Each small finding is very precious to us and each one of them are used in our prayers.

We still have lots of things to do.

2nd floor needs heaters too. In order to do that, I need to put a oil server upstairs for kerosene line to be connected from which all other heaters will be connected for upstairs.

Behind the building, some mud came down from the cliff and it needs to be removed so that the water runs through the U-shape drain line.

Some other challenge is to cut some trees that grew towards the building.

Lots of things to do, but the main function of the Hokkaido Research Center is to research the history and find out the strongholds of enemy from God’s revelation and pray and intercede.



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