Esashi Research Center Report April 2021

We finally arrived to Esashi town where we have purchased a building for it. One way to the Esashi from our home takes about full day. So we decided to stay over night on the way in the mid way. The town we chose was Abira town. It is a small town with some Ainu population and a newly started Roadside Station. This will enable us to stay overnight in the car which was remodeled to have a heater and flat surface where both I and my wife can stay overnight comfortably. It will save some also.

We finally arrived to Eashi and we met with people from Esashi town office to open a water line. However, we faced complication since the water line was broken, we were not able to connect the water line from the town. The main purpose of this trip is getting to be connected to our neighbors and check the current conditions of the house. And we were able to clean the house with vacuum and found our temporary bedroom in the house. No water, but with electricity, we found our new place to stay and it will be function as a ministry center soon.

4 nights and 5 days passed very quickly. We met with our neighbors and gave a small present to each of them. By talking with them gives us bits of information about the town and the living situation in Esashi town. We had less time for the actual research, but it gave us a general understanding about the town and the house situation, and it served good for this trip.

Ayumi was cleaning up the entrance area of the house. I was fixing many things in the house. And we enjoyed the sunset each evening from the house. Esashi is located on the west side of Hokkaido, and it gives perfect sunset reminding of us Hawaii or California. The house will be transformed into a ministry power house and we look forward to revisit the house soon in May.

Please keep us in your prayers.


Abraham Lee
Gospel House

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