Current work for establishing our pioneering efforts

Since we moved to Urahoro town and dismiss our place in Makubetsu town, we needed to reclaim Makubetsu town for another ministry center. Therefore, we looked and found a place in Makubetsu town for our next ministry center.

Finally we have found the place and plan to start a ministry center in Makubetsu town. This time, we focus on the old town rather than Satsunai area where the main population is. We used to live in Satsunai area in Makubetsu town, but that area seemed to be reached since they can go to Obihiro city easily and there are many churches in Obihiro city. Therefore, we considered to be in the old town area in Makubetsu town.

We do not know at this point when we would start the ministry center as of yet, but we already have many acquaintances, it would be easy to start something if we decide to do so.

Please pray with us for this new beginning of ministry center at Makubetsu town.

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