Continue to pray and interceed for Hokkaido’s unreached areas

Currently there are 83 82cities/towns/villages that does not have a church in Hokkaido.

We decided to visit each of those towns this year. From June 28 to July 2, we plan to go to Kamiakawa sub-prefecture of Hokkaido and pray for those places.

Kamikawa sub-prefecture is in the center of Hokkaido.







There are only two subprefectures that does not face the ocean. Kamikawa and Sorachi are those two.

We will spend 4 night and 5 days just to intercede for these unreach area.

I ask God to send laborers to these areas.

Abraham Lee@Gospel House


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Vurela Grace

Can i know if this is Uncle Abraham and Aunt Ayumi-the friends of my parents Nehru and parimala?


Yes, This is Abraham Lee. Good to hear from you.

Vurela Grace

Dear Uncle,
It’s great to know about you all and our Lord’s work that is going on..
Since 4-5 months my parents have been trying to send you an email to your email id:
but unfortunately those mails are bouncing back.Can you please share any other mail id of yours that would work out uncle?
or,please send my mom and dad an email.their email id is:
My regards to aunt ayumi and samuel.
Lots of love,

Betty Simanjuntak

I’m Betty from Indonesia, I found your email add from ywam, but I don’t know how to send u an email. Me and my team will visit to Japan, we will go to Chubu and Hokkaido. The purpose of our visit, well to make it short, because our leader got Gods heart to reach the souls because the end time is getting closer. My leader start her ministry with the homeless children and untill now God trust her with schools, orphanages etc, God reveal also about the spiritual warfare, and also He reveal to her that’s we have the responsibility… Read more »