Commuting to Makubetsu town from Urahoro town each week


Each week, we have classes at Satsunai, Makubetsu town. So we drive for about 50 minutes from Urahoro town to Satsunai, Makubetsu town. We take national route 38. On this route, we pass Toyokoro town. There is Tokachi river on the way and around there, we often see cranes. They usually roam as a couple. Sometimes with a child crane.

Many tourists come to see cranes in our area. They are most well known in Kushiro city where marsh is. There are areas where they protect so that cranes and other animals would keep habitats in those areas.

lots of stars
lots of stars

On the way back from Satsunai, Makubetsu town to Urahoro town at night, we see stars on the sky. They are just awesome and beautiful. One of the merit we moved to Urahoro was so many chances to see the stars. It reminds me of the story of Jesus’ birth where the wise men from the East came to greet Jesus by following the star. They finally found the baby Jesus by the lead of the unusual stars. Likewise, every time we come home, we really enjoy watching the bright stars.

In summer, we go to the mountain and lay down of the ground and see the shooting stars. Each night we usually see about 10 of them if you stay there for about 1 hour or so. Each time we found one, we exclaimed pointing where we found it. What a fun and exiting time we had!!

God made all things for men to enjoy and I hope we do not miss them in our lives.

Abraham Lee@Gospel House

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I remember the stars we went out to see! It was wonderful! I hope we can do it again soon!!!


Yes, next time with Cohl. Let him see the beauty of God's wonderful creation!