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This site is to share what I am experiencing in Hokkaido, Japan. I have lived 20 years in Korea. Then moved to USA and lived for another 15 years. Now I find home in Hokkaido, JAPAN since December of 1997. I have experienced three very unique cultures and languages in three countries. I was born in Seoul, Korea and raised there until the second year of college. Then moved to USA and became a US citizen. I have met my wife in Hawaii while I was on staff at University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. This led me to Hokkaido, Japan where my wife was born and raised.

일본 홋카이도 우라호로조에서 선교사역을 하고있는 아브라함 이 선교사라고 합니다. 이 홈피를 통해서 제가 현재 경험하고 있는 것들과 선교적인 차원에서 새롭게 경험하고 있는 것들을 정리해서 앞으로 일본사역을 계획하시는 분들에게 조금이라도 도움이 될까해서 적어보고, 또한 저희를 아시는 가족이나 동역자 여러분들과 연결할 수 있는 도구가 되기를 바랍니다.

This blog is to share my life experiences with my unique perspectives after spending 20 years in Korea and 15 years in the States. Cultural differences and languages are the main topics. Since I am a missionary, my life purpose living in Japan is to share the Good News of the Gospel to Japanese around me. I love Korean, American, and Japanese. Japan is my third home.

저는 한국에서 대학2년까지 마치고, 미국이로 이민해서 미국국적이 되었습니다. 한국에서 20년, 미국에서 15년, 그리고 일본에서 1997년12월부터 2008년3월 현재에 이르기까지 약10년이 흘렀습니다. 약10년이란 세월속에 있었던 실패이야기, 작은 성공이야기등 일본의 사역에 참으로 필요한 것이 어떤 것인가를 나눌 수 있기를 바라고, 한국, 미국, 일본의 문화와 언어에 대한 이야기등 작은 도움이 될 수 있기를 바랍니다.

I hope to get connected with my friends and family through this blog.

God bless you and hope you enjoy this blog.

Abraham Lee@Gospel House/AMS

주님의 귀한 축복을 기원하면서…

아브라함 이 선교사올림@홋카이도 우라호로조에서


Our Vision

Reaching the unreached for Hokkaido

We have been focusing on the unreached cities/towns/villages since we first came to Hokkaido back in 1997. From then, we prayed that God would send His Laborers into the un-reached harvest fields by the year 2020, and we called it “Vision 20/20.” In the past decade, the Japanese government had a plan to diminish the number of local government or urge the local government to merge otherwise the national government will cut the support for each local government under prime minister Koizumi. It used to be 212 cities/towns/villages before, but now it became 179. Now out of 179, we have identified 83 without a church or any Christian influence. From 2014, we planned to visit each unreached area to pray and intercede for that area each year. This made us busy to plan ahead and visit each 83 unreached area every year. At least, we visited twice both in 2014 and 2015 including isolated islands.

In the future, we would like to purchase a ministry center for each unreached area so that when God sends His laborers into the filed, they will have a place to start with. A ministry center is a simple house with bedrooms and a space for gathering. Not necessary a church building, but a simple house to welcome anyone who wants to know Jesus. The approach can be very liberal although our faith will be very conservative. Sometimes, they can combine the ministry with business like teaching English or serving the community with a profession.

This further lead us to start “International Vision Village(IVV)” which is a community of mission-minded international believers who like to start a Christian ministry in the un-reached areas in Hokkaido. It is loosely connected community that supports and encourage one another to further God’s Kingdom in Hokkaido. It will be started in Sept. of 2018.

Gospel House

Gospel House was started by us at Makubetsu town which was one of the un-reached town back in 2002. Currently our family is all the members for this vision. Samuel, my son, now is 22 years old and he is called to work with us, and he is participating actively for this call. In 1996, God had called me to do ministry and business together like Apostle Paul. Yes, we are the tent-makers without any support from any organizations. We started to be a faith-mission with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and gradually became tent-makers that support ourselves.

From 2006, we purchased a house in Urahoro town where we started 2nd Gospel House for ministry.

Gospel House, Urahoro
Gospel House, Urahoro

From 2011, we purchase 2nd house and started renovate the house with my family only. Samuel and I were almost rebuilding the house and we began to call the house “Vision House” since we saw the house to be used to hold the vision seminars, from the despair to the wonders. We had 1 week long vision seminars 4 times about 2 times per year since 2014.

Gospel House, Sarabetsu
Gospel House, Sarabetsu Village

From 2017, we have purchased 3rd house. We decided to call it “Shalom House” since it will provide the peace with God. It is located in Toyokoro town and it was owned by the retired farmer. The scenery around the house is a total beauty. The water supply is from the mountain behind the house without tap water. We pursue to be off-grid house for better ecology. 

Shalom House from 2017

Vision Seminar and Vision School

Vision Seminar is a one week seminar where people will learn about the relationship with God, with oneself, with family, and to the world. Most of the participants are late teenagers to 30s from students to young adults. Our goal is to let the participants listen to God for their callings so that they can focus their lives based on their callings. Eventually, we would like to have a year long school for the participants would prepare themselves with skills to pursue their career based on their callings. There are 3 tracks: Christian ministry, NPO ministry, and business. Christian ministry will be prepared depending on the person’s specific calling. It is geared towards using their talent or gifts from the Lord. NPO ministry is more like social innovation. It pin points where in the society needs to be changed. It has to match to their specific callings. We teach how to start a NPO and how to run it. Lastly, start up business is an entrepreneur process where they learn about business administration focusing on small business. Again, it has to match their callings. In the long run, these people who graduate the vision school will pioneer un-reached areas of Hokkaido.

People who showed desire to work with us so far

We cooperate with a church in Tokyo, called Grace House with pastor Yoji Horii. He has sent the youth to our vision seminars in the past several years. God has given us mutual vision and somehow God orchestrated us to work together.

1. Amazing Grace Bible Church with Pastor Fujita

Pastor Fujita and her church started to have a mutual seminar in Hokkaido. Since then, we were partnering together. 

2. YWAM Jeju, Korea

University of the Nations (UofN) Jeju has a division called Frontier Mission Center. In May of 2015, the team of 4 members came to us to explore what we are doing for the un-reached, and felt the Lord to work with us. The head of the Frontier Mission Center, wanted to send young people to Hokkaido. Then from Hokkaido to the world.

3. YWAM Singapore

YWAM Singapore wanted to adopt Hokkaido to focus to send their outreach teams to Hokkaido. They had very strong ties with us in terms of reaching the unreached when they came to stay with us for a week.

4. YWAM Tokyo

YWAM Japan has been in Japan for several decades, but never in Hokkaido. One family in YWAM Tokyo is called to Hokkaido and they will be coming to start the YWAM base in Hokkaido. We hope to work together for Hokkaido in the future. The Great Tokyo YWAM director has been a good friend and hopes to continue to have relationship with us.

5. YWAM Montana

YWAM Montana Flathead base sent two young men to stay with us for a week. Native American descent and Phillifino-Ainu descent were focusing on indigenous Ainu tribal people in Hokkaido. They are very family oriented and we hope to work with them too.

6. The brown family

The brown family first came to be at our International Summer Camp as a musician family from 2003. Since then, they became a regular member for the summer camp each year until 2010. The browns wanted to be a part of our ministry from the beginning. Currently they live in Otaru city near Sapporo, but their hearts are with us. When we start the International Vision Village, they are ready to move here.

7. My wife’s mother

My wife, Ayumi, has a mother who desires to live with us along with Ayumi’s younger sister at Urahoro house.Currently we are using the vision house as a main residence. The renovation work is still in the progress.

8. Wyke Christian Fellowship in England with Pastor Glenn Wilson.

9. Watered Garden Missions in Los Angeles that reaches out to the people with disabilities. I was a part of this organization and we still partner to work together. 

Our Needs:

1. Each trip for the un-reached area costs travel expenses. Each trip cost us about 1000 USD.

2. Vision House is still under construction. Any contribution for the building project would help us greatly.

3. For the trip for the un-reached, we have purchased a used camping car and began to call it a “Vision Agent.” If anyone can donate another camping car, it would be used to have other people to travel together to pray and intercede.

4. For the ministry center (A used house), it would cost about 100,000 USD. It would be a big challenge, but big contribution like this would help setup a new ministry in the unreached area for the laborers to settle in.

I thank you for your interests in our ministry. This is where we are and where we are heading to. Please stay in touch and keep on praying for our needs.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

It is joy to hear from you.


Abraham Lee
Gospel House

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