A Father and A Son: sharing our hearts together


Yesterday was one of the most memorable day in relation to my son, Samuel. There was a writing project to submit to one of the homeschooling meeting. He did what he could and there were lots of suggestions. He took it well, but he wanted to do his own way.

This broke open his heart about what he wanted to say in the past 7 years of his life with us. While Ayumi had a class to teach English, both Samuel and I were in the room sharing together as a father and a son. He shared for the first time his heart out. Lots of crying together as I listened to his heart. Why he acted the way he did was very understandable. He had this weight on him for a long time. Lots of his sharing brought about my mistakes in dealing with him. I had to ask for forgiveness to Samuel and he forgave me. We prayed for each other and big hug was given to each other.

He has grown up so much and we have become buddies and he released all his burdens to God and me.

It seemed that we were starting something together and it was a new beginning.

Abaham Lee@Gospel House

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