2015 3rd prayer journey is about to start from June 27th to July 5th.

Yes, the Vision Agent is about to go to the unreached areas in Souya and Rumoi sub-prefectures. This time, we are going to the two remote islands: Rishiri Island and Rebun Island.

Souya Sub-prefecture
Rumoi Sub-prefecture

Last year, we planned to go, but the whole cruise was canceled because of the Typhoon. I hope that this time, we may be able to go there and pray that the Lord of Harvest will send out His people to these remote islands.

There are many unreached areas in both sub-prefectures. There are 14 towns and villages that need laborers.

We will be ready soon to go to the unreached areas from June 27th to July 5th.

Detailed map can be seen here. In this map, the round dots are the unreached areas. If you click the dots, you will see our comments in Japanese.

Please, pray with us for these areas.

Abraham Lee@Gospel House

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Betty Simanjuntak

Dear pastor..
I found your website when I sent email to ywam-japan.
I would like to send you email because I’m planning also to visit hokaido.
Thank you and God bless you..
Betty from Indonesia