The secret of long life span of Japanese

After we moved to Urahoro, we began a rural life. It was only 45 km away from our previous place in Makubetsu town, but the culture and the people are totally different. Less population pushes people to know others intensively. The way they react is very different. For instance, while we were in Makubetsu town, there was nobody who would bother us by visiting us without appointment, but in Urahoro, people just come by and visit us. We were at a loss sometimes when people just not talk to us, but they were already in the house. Ouch! They just care enough to do for us without asking. (?!) Here we have mixed feelings.

Vegetables at our garden
Vegetables at our garden

Anyhow, my wife, Ayumi, began to have a vegetable garden two years ago. Since our neighbor was a retired farmer who used to grow vegetables, he taught Ayumi how to grow delicious vegetables. Ayumi followed the instructions and also studied from the internet. By the way, the previous owner invested a lot for the soil enrichment for the garden. He has put lots of rich soil to the garden and it was rested for a year before we arrived this house. It was the best combination. We ate and ate the vegetables and they kept coming and coming, and we lavished us with choice vegetables. Thank God!!

Then we began to realized what the healthy food is like. I took a intensive health check and found some numbers were not right. This caused me to be more health-minded. One of the things I started was to be on diet. Choosing brown rice over white rice was my best choice for my health. Since then, I no longer overeat. With limited amount of brown rice, I maintained my body condition well and I lost about 2 or 3 kg (3 to 5 lbs.) Health diet prepared by my wife helped me a lot to be healthy. Japanese food has great healthy items. Almost non-oil based food in Japanese food is one of the secrets of healthy and long life.


Another one, I think, is drinking green tea everyday. I love to drink green tea. They have great and unique frangrance and taste good. I like to drink hot tea. The tea cleanse my body system.

Third reason I suppose, is taking a bath in the bath tub, not just a shower. When you are in the bath tub soaking your whole body, will give you better blood circulation. I get sweat and feel good when I am in the tub.

These three are the key factors of long and health life of Japanese. Well, these are my findings and I could be wrong, but they are observed everywhere in Japan.

Oh, wait, I have another reason. There is a TV program where an interviewer will interview old men and women over 100 years old. The interviewer will always ask the secrets of living long life. One very common answer was “Never get angry!!!” It made sense to me. When you never get mad, your body system regulate your body in a normal condition. But when you are mad, your body reacts strangely. So never get mad if you want to live long.

Here is what the Bible says about long life:

Ephesians 6:1-3 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

This is spiritual aspect of living long life. It makes sense too since the parents will teach good things for their children and they can find better way and thinking in life.

I hope I would keep them all and life a healthy and long life. And I wish you too would live good and long life.

Abaraham Lee@Gospel House

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