Report from our 3rd prayer journey from Aug. 5 – 9, 2017

Our journey was started on Aug. 5th, 2017. Our regular preparation was started including ready to use Vision Agent #1 (Camper).

The Vision Agent is also used as a mobile classroom when I have a language class other than our regular classrooms in Gospel House or Vision House. It has provided us our shelter during our trip and it saves lots of stay fees.

Aug. 5th covers Uryu town where we are staying at the Roadside Station where we get our free parking with 24 hour open access to the restrooms. 

at Uryu town roadside station

These days campers are very popular in Japan. Year after year camper users are increasing. You will find them usually at the roadside station all over Japan. Roadside station is a place to promote the town and sell the local produce like farmer’s market and also it provides information for the tourists.

Uryu town is well known for its good rice produce. Uryu town has nice hot springs. 

Uryu Roadside Station

Aug. 6th, 2017

This day covers Hokuryu town, Mashike town, Obira town, Tomame town, Haboro town, Shosanbetsu village, Enbetsu town, and Nakagawa town. We spent the night at Nakagawa town’s roadside station. 

Hokuryu town is known for its sunflower field in summer. Lots of people come to see the sunflower field. Our continual focus is to ask the Lord of harvest to send out His laborers into the harvest field.

Here we are at the sunflower field.

We are at the sunflower field at Hokuryu town.

Mashike town is known for his good fishery specially for good shrimp. This time we were not able to taste it, but instead we were at the rather unpopular local port where we were able to pray for the town.

Obira town has upgraded their roadside station with new building and the historic building rebuilt. 

Tomamae town has wind power generation system near national road. As Holy Spirit means wind, we were praying for God’s spirit to move into this town to generate God’s power to be revealed.

Haboro town has two very small islands. It has rosegarden near roadside station in the town. 

Shosanbetsu village has observatory for the stars near the ocean. Campsites were filled with many campers.

Enbetsu town seems very far away from the major cities, but it has very unique atmosphere. This town is the far north area that can produce rice.

Nakagawa town is inland town. From there Samuel met a guy from Nagoya who stayed there for a week and he said that the people of Nakagawa was so nice. We were able to see the goodness of God in the town with nice people there.

Aug. 7th, 2017

This day covers Horonobe town, Toyotomi town, Sarufutsu village, and Esashi town.

Horonobe town has reindeer farm. The town seemed very nice as we drove around the town. Samuel said he wanted to work here someday.

Toyotomi town is very famous for its hot springs. It works good for people with skin problem. However, when we are at the JR station to pray for the town, we felt the dark atmosphere near the JR station.

Sarufutsu village is the northern furthest village in Japan. It has very strong wind almost every time we visit. Nice village office building. We have met a handicapped guy who works the village office and shared a bit. He opened his heart towards me and Ayumi. Ayumi had very good impression about this village. It has hotel with hot springs, camp sites, and cottage for rent.

There are two different Esashi towns in Hokkaido. The Kanji is different so here are the two: 枝幸(Esashi)町 and 江差(Esashi)町.

We were at 枝幸町 near Northern Hokkaido. The other Esashi(江差) is near Southern area of Hokkaido.

Esashi town has a very nice museum. It provides rich history of the area.

Samuel at museum

This museum provides much information about Okhotsk culture. Ayumi was very pleased to be here since it answered some of Ayumi’s questions regarding Okhotsk culture. We went to the shopping at the local store and went to hot springs with variety of temperatures in different pools. We lifted up this town for God’s work to be done by the people of God’s choice to be sent to this town.

Aug. 8th, 2017

This day’s target: Nakatonbetsu town, Otoineppu village, Shimokawa town, and Kenbuchi town.

We have visited the town office of Nakatonbetsu for the first time. The building had only one floor, but it was very nice one. Lots of new houses along with public apartments. One of our friends is from this town who received Christ. He passed away several years ago. Cow crossing sign was very interesting. 

Cow crossing

Nakatonbetsu also has cave for visitors.

Cave in Nakatonbetsu
Ayumi at the cave

Otoineppu village is the smallest village in Japan. The current population as I write this is 782. The soba noodle is very popular here. It is said that Hokkaido was named from this village. Very strong Ainu presence here. Our prayers are with this village where there will be reconciliation between Japanese and Ainu people. 

Shimokawa town is very interesting town with Great Wall. Since there were so many stones, they tried to think of a way to use them. Out of many ideas, they picked to build the Great Wall like one in China. They named it the same name “Great Wall.” They recruited volunteers from Japan with privilege to leave their names on the stone. Some people came from Okinawa and even from other countries. 

We did not visit Great Wall this time, but rather went around the town to pray over the town instead. 

As we prayed over the town, we met with a ceremony of Shinto festival. There we prayed to cut the influence of Shintoism over the town. 

Shinto festival at Shimokawa town.

Kenbuchi town seemed to be very ready to accept Christ soon. Last year, Ayumi was able to give the Bible to a young man who were ready to receive and showed interests to read the Bible. This time, as we pray for the town, we all felt that this town was ready for the Gospel to be preached and soon people would be respond.

We spent a night here at the roadside station.

Kenbuchi roadside station 2017

Aug. 9th, 2017

Horokanai town, Pippu town, Aibetsu town, and Kamikawa town.

Horokanai town is very famous for buckwheat noodle (Soba). We were overwhelmed by the vast buckwheat field and its beauty.

Horokanai Buckwheat Field 2017
Buckwheat field, Horokanai 2017

The market was not open, so we went to the park golf park to pray over this town. Last year, we met a young man who worked at the market with pride to stay at the town.

Pippu town has a very nice library. We went to the library to research about the towns near by. Our prayers were lifted up near the library as we understood the history of the towns.

Pippu library 2017

Aibetsu town is known for mushroom. The whole town is built around mushrooms. People from Aichi and Gifu prefectures came to start the town. Special prayers were lifted for the development of commerce for the town.

Kamikawa town renewed the whole image of the town by renewing the roads and rebuilding the town office. Recently they hosted Hokkaido Forrest Garden show near Mt. Taisetsu, the tallest mountain in Hokkaido. 

Here is a video clip for Kamikawa town:

This concluded our trip.

We drove back home after this town to be prayer for.

Hope you get the idea of what we do in our prayer trip and general idea of what Hokkaido is like.



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