3rd Prayer Journey for 2017 starts from Aug. 5th to 10th for Northern Hokkaido

2017 is passing through very quickly. Our 1st prayer journey to the southern Hokkaido was done in May 1st to 7th. It was a spring time with cherry blossom. One of the two best places for cherry blossom were included in the trip.

My son, Samuel, took the video above.

Our 2nd prayer journey was Eastern Hokkaido from June 29th to July 3rd.  From this trip, we have met Ayumi’s classmates from her high school. This is one of an outreach to Ayumi’s close past relationships. We also met a missionary family from America who found my blog site (this site) with unreached Hokkaido contents. Very meaningful in many ways. All the relationships are from the Lord and we are very grateful to God.

Our 3rd prayer journey to Northern Hokkaido starts from Aug. 5th to 10th.  As we prepare for this journey, we pray that God will lead us what to pray for and we will follow God’s instruction fully.

After the journey, I will update here more in detail. 



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